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Thursday, June 1, 2023

14 Recipes Using Cool Whip

It's Cool Whip season!
Summer is full of these whipped topping desserts using Cool Whip. So much to choose from here. Bars, cookies, pies, candy and more.

Who knew I could share an entire post all about COOL WHIP?

But honestly, I can write about any foods I want (I am my own boss). This post is not sponsored in any way I just love Cool Whip! That delectable and easy convenience way to enjoy store bought whipped topping all year long.

In the Summer I feel she comes out in droves because we all love a great cold dessert at outdoor barbecues and holiday gatherings. I have hand picked my 14 favorites (five of which are my own recipes). There is a little bit of everything on this list.

Let's go!

The sweet and salty flavor of pistachios come out in this simple cream pie. This easy graham cracker crust gets layered with cream cheese, pistachio pudding and you guessed it....Cool Whip!

Pistachio Cream Pie photo, with two slices cut on a white plate.

This classic sweet treat often comes out during the Christmas holiday as they look great on a cookie platter. Just three ingredients and a few steps and you'll be popping these treats by noon!

I literally just ate a slice of this cake as my Mom brought it for my daughter's birthday. This one looks fancy and does take 3 FULL DAYS to set up in the fridge, but I promise you the wait is worth it.

I had to include this fun cake because it cannot be eaten without Cool Whip and fresh berries as a topper. Similar to a light pound cake, this one is perfect for Summer.

Hot Milk Sponge Cake with Cool Whip and fresh berries on a green serving plate.

It's not Summer in the Midwest without some sort of "fluff" on the table. Generally one with fruit and marshmallows mixed in - and in this case lots of pineapple!

Kids adore these! Grab some popsicle molds HERE and then get to making! Just 3 ingredients (Nutella, milk and Cool Whip) come together easy. The hardest part is waiting for them to freeze.

This isn't a cake per say....but rather a yummy cold layered treat with pudding, graham crackers, Cool Whip and frosting. After a few hours in the fridge setting up, it's hard to pass up!

Angel Food Strawberry Fluff, one bite in a close up on a fork

I recently took new photos of this dessert, re-posted it and you guys went bananas for it. Chunks of angel food cake, Cool Whip, fresh strawberries and more come together for this creamy, sweet salad.

Did you know Cool Whip could be a main ingredient in a cookie? Shockingly, it works! This version is a chocolate flavor, but you can turn them into any flavor you want.

This classic Southern dessert takes some help from Cool Whip (and of course) Nila wafers. Grab some yellow bananas and boxed pudding and dessert is pretty much set.

Oreo Fluff Bars....shortbread crust, chocolate frosting, Oreo fluff made into a layered dessert.

I created this two years back and let me tell you they are popular! A fun shortbread crust, chocolate frosting and Oreo fluff make it a fun cold layered dessert.

Did you know when you freeze Cool Whip it tastes like a light and airy ice cream? Sandwich it between two graham crackers, add sprinkles and your kids will flip for this one.

Everything you love about French Silk pie, but in brownie form. This one even takes some help from a boxed brownie mix. Super easy to make and people love them.

Where are my peanut butter fans at? This creamy no-bake pie mixes peanut butter, Cool Whip, sugar and chunks of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Nothing you eat will be better this Summer.

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie on a red checkered tablecloth with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Which Cool Whip dessert are you going to choose first?

I've got these three on deck and in this order....Pistachio Cream Pie, Frozen Cool Whip Sandwiches (kids will love those) and the Cool Whip Cookies (great to make quick and take to the ballpark!).

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Collage of desserts using Cool Whip as an ingredient.

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