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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Cucumber Mint Vodka Seltzers

I've been making these vodka seltzers for years and I'm finally sharing them with you!
This Summer version is incredibly refreshing with the addition of cucumbers and fresh mint.

Collage of glass tumblers with cucumber mint vodka seltzers

Summer is here!

It's hot and dry here in the Midwest which means something cold to drink is on the menu. Honestly in my opinion nothing beats a refreshing cocktail towards the end of the day. Preferably around the 5 o'clock hour. 

Anyone else enjoy sitting on their back patio at the end of a long day to chat, have a sip and maybe close your eyes for a minute?

It's like the best Summer activity.

Aeriel shot of vodka seltzers in glass cocktail glasses on a marble and wooden board.

I have been drinking some sort of a vodka seltzer concoction since the days of discovering I enjoyed a can of sparkling water.

It took me awhile to come around to a cold can of sparkling water - but now I absolutely LOVE the bubbles and very light taste. I'm not a pop (soda) drinker, so it's kinda fun. If you're not a sparkling water fan, tonic water works great too.

Aerial view of vodka seltzer in a glass cocktail glass.

And can we talk cucumber & mint?

I love this combination. Both are fresh and light and not overpowering.

Since I've dabbled in gardening for many years now, I've always had a mint plant. My mom always had one and they are the easiest herb to take care of in my opinion. Super hardy and it grows like a weed - if you start one, it will give you fresh mint all Summer long.

It also spreads, so I like to grow mine in a pot to keep that to a minimum.

As for cucumber, I've grown that as well in the past, but recently I'll just grab a few here and there at the grocery store or farmer's market.

Up close photo of a hand holding a glass tumbler vodka seltzer.

I love to mix these seltzers in these fun glass tumblers I found at a garage sale this Spring - aren't they cute? But I did find some very, very similar ones on Amazon for you right HERE.

Plus - do you have a nugget ice maker? I'm a bit obsessed with mine. Especially when it comes to cocktail time! This crunchy ice is incredibly good.

How excited are you to make these!?!

They are super light, refreshing, bubbly and did I mention LOW CALORIE? Just 111 calories a glass, 1 carb and just 1 gram of sugar. Please give them a try this Summer. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Collage of cucumber mint vodka seltzers on marble and wooden board.

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