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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Peanut Butter Protein Muffins

How about a healthy, protein packed muffin?
This peanut butter version is great for active kids and families.

A collage of peanut butter protein muffins on a white and pink tea towel.

It's January which means you all are requesting healthier recipes!

Which I completely understand. Many of us kick off the new year with goals and resolutions - and a lot of those goals and resolutions include food. Eating healthier, for both us and our families.

And since I'm a busy Mom (kids are 14, 12 and 9) with busy kids (every sport under the sun) I'm always on the hunt for great grab and go options that keep them fuller longer.

A stainless steel bowl with dry ingredients, also honey, a banana and egg next to it.

You guys, I've created a really, really tasty protein muffin!

My kids devoured these. Each muffin comes in at 5 grams of protein, so grabbing two is an easy and filling 10 gram protein snack.

No real hidden ingredients in these, most everything you'll find right in your pantry. One exception for some may be the PB Fit peanut butter powder. It is always, always in our pantry - we grab a tub from Costco always.

BUT, just in case you don't have any, grab some HERE from Amazon. They have the best price for the amount you get. It will last a long time!

A hand holding a protein muffin with a bite taken out of it.

These protein muffins are not overwhelming filled with peanut butter flavor - just a hint. It's perfect! The sweetness comes from the mashed banana and honey, there is no additional sugar added. And no flour - just oats!

Honestly it's kind of amazing it comes together as a beautiful baked good.

This recipes makes 12 muffins, a good healthy batch for my 3 kids. If you have more kids you may want to double it!

An array of protein muffins laying on a kitchen towel.

These are nutty, just slightly sweet and filling!

Please note you can also add things to the batter if you want - mini chocolate chips, dried fruit or any chopped nut but that will alter the nutritional value a bit.

And another great trip - they freeze great. I'd recommend putting two to a small bag and storing them in the freezer. Kids can grab them after school or on their way to a sports practice. Great for bus rides too.

Collage of peanut butter protein muffins laying on a green, white and pink kitchen towel.

I'm looking forward to seeing these in your kid's backpacks! Let me know how your family enjoys them. Please share with family and friends and tag me on social media (@sweetsavoryeats). I'd love to share your photos.

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