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Friday, January 5, 2024

Crispy Grilled Cheese Caesar Salad

Let's jazz up our Caesar salads, shall we?
This Crispy Grilled Cheese Caesar Salad has the addition of salty bacon and a creamy Marzetti Simply dressing + a grilled cheese!

This post is sponsored by Marzetti, but my opinions are my own.

Crispy Grilled Cheese Caesar Salad in a grew bowl on a wooden cutting board with Marzetti dressing.

I have forever loved a Caesar salad.

For as long as I can remember it has been what I order at a restaurant when a salad accompanies the meal. I love the peppery, yet creamy dressing, the crisp romaine, the sharp shaved Parmesan cheese and the crunchy croutons.


Salad with Parm, bacon in a ramekin and Marzetti Simply dressing on a wooden cutting board.

When chatting with Marzetti dressings awhile back about incorporating their Marzetti Simply line into a recipe my mind immediately went to Caesar salad, using their Creamy Caesar version. 

But of course, changing it up a bit.

Instead of traditional baked croutons on top, let's top it with a crispy grilled cheese instead! Plus, add an amped up grilled cheese - one made of sourdough bread and creamy Gruyere cheese. And while we are at it, let's add chopped crispy bacon!

A close up side view of a grilled cheese Caesar salad in a grey bowel with salad dressing.

When I tell you this salad worked, I mean it WORKED.

I made it and shot the photos one day over Christmas break when the kids were home. I was running my middle daughter to and from volleyball practice with some of their friends. Upon them returning while during their break they found THIS salad in the fridge.

They grabbed three forks and went to town.

Thank goodness it's a big serving (I say generously feeds two) and I had helped myself to many bites before they dug in - otherwise I would have gotten none!

Overhead shot of grilled cheese Caesar salad with Marzetti dressing in a grew bowl.

The Marzetti Simply Creamy Caesar Dressing comes in at just 50 calories per serving and with just 1 gram of sugar. This does NOT mean it skimps on flavor. In fact it does just the opposite. It's incredibly delicious.

I tossed half of the dressing with the romaine before adding the fun toppings, then drizzled the salad with a little bit more. It was perfect.

Collage of grilled cheese Caesar salad photos

I cannot wait for you to give this salad a try!

Be sure to share your photos with me on socials (@sweetsavoryeats) - I'd love to see them. Make this for a simple side dish at dinner or add some grilled chicken to make it a full meal. I promise you, it will become a favorite.

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