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Handmade 'Homebody' Coffee Mug

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If you've been around here long, you know I'm a warm cup of joe kinda gal. I love hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, hot cider....hot anything! Perhaps it's due to living in the Midwest where our winter seasons are harsh. Or perhaps it's due to just loving a warm drink to start my day. Either way it fuels me to get up and get moving.

The funny thing is....I did not start drinking coffee until shortly after my third child was born. I was never against it, I just never really jumped on the bandwagon. Then three kids in five years happened and this Mama was tired. I gave it a try (with some creamer of course!) and I haven't looked back since. I prep my coffee the night before so it's ready to go and I enjoy my first cup the minute the kids are out the door for school.

And can we talk about my coffee mug collection? It's a bit extensive and I love it. I have different mugs for different seasons - they all get used and loved throughout the year! Once I started selling products via my food blog in 2019, it's always been a dream to creative a coffee mug to share with my readers.

This beautiful, handmade pottery mug will razzle and dazzle in your cupboard! I hand-picked a local Iowa pottery company, Flannel Feather, to create this mug. We chose the phrase 'homebody' to grace one side, with a cute engraved house on the other side. This phrase resonates with me so much - I love being home, I love the comfort my home brings me and I love creating a place where my family finds warmth.


  • Height x Width: 3.5 x 3.5 inches 
  • Capacity: 12 ounces 
  • Clay: White 
  • Glaze: Light Blush Pink 
  • Handle Size: Medium

This mug is handmade from start to finish, fired two times and glazed all within the Flannel Feather studio. Each piece is unique and like any handmade work, perfectly imperfect. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, but in order to get the most life out of your pottery piece it is best to hand wash when possible. The glaze used on this piece is certified AP Non-Toxic and food safe/lead free and has met FDA Test Standards. Each glaze color may vary slightly in different lighting.

*please note this piece is of high quality & handmade and that alone affects its price - also please be aware that shipping costs are calculated by weight & destination

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