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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleanin' & A Perfect Side Dish

Spring is in the air!

We didn't do much this weekend (i.e. didn't leave town), so I made the most of it. With nice temps and winter semi-gone, I dug into my spring cleaning. I decided to tackle one thing at a time. No need to get overwhelmed!

Little man's room was first. Here's the history on his room. We moved to this house one month prior to his birth, so as you can imagine everything was put together in a whirlwind, and since then nothing has been done with it. Like, the closet. It honestly was a "catch all". The last few weeks I couldn't even open it without things toppling out on me. Even the husband said "something needs to be done".

When he says something, I know it's bad. But, I'm pretty sure he was just sick of me sending him in there for things because I didn't want to face it.

So Saturday morning, bright and early, I tackled his room. I think I finished around mid-afternoon. I rearranged, cleaned, organized, and even packed up on large Rubbermaid container of clothes he's already outgrown! Sad...

I also tackled our hall closet, the spare bedroom and a few kitchen cupboards, but I won't bore you with the details. Anyone have any good ideas of how to organize your spice cupboard? It seems like I can NEVER find the spice I need.

Does spring bring your cleaning side out?

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know not much cookin' was done this weekend. BUT....I did manage to make our ultimate side dish.

Garlic & Parsley Roasted Potatoes. Yum.

We have this probably once a week, and it never disappoints. It is basically like a homemade french fry, but baked, and so much healthier!

Garlic & Parsley Roasted Potatoes (serves 2)
2 large baking potatoes (or sweet potatoes)
garlic salt
olive oil

Spray baking sheet with cooking spray. Wash potatoes, leave skins on, and chop into bite size pieces. Sprinkle liberally with seasonings. Drizzle with olive oil and use hands to mix and coat all sides of the potatoes. Bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes, or until browned and crispy.

I know...not a fancy side dish, but one that will make everyone cheer. Who doesn't like a good potato?

Off today to get little man's 6 month shots. Ugh, I hate these days.

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  1. Great potato recipe, i love roast potatoes.

    I haven't told much of my family, or friends about the blog. I don't think I have the confidence yet. Also, sometimes there is SO much certain people know about me, from my health status, to almost everything I do socially, career wise, etc. It's nice to have a 'secret' part of me, that's for me, and not their eyes.

  2. I love roasted potatoes - they look fantastic.

  3. spring totally makes me want to clean too! i cleaned out my closet yesterday....mostly cause i wanted to go shopping ;).

  4. My spice rack is the same way! I always have to pull out 5 bottles to get to the one I need.

    My parents have these little lazy susan's that are only like 10" across so they fit in their cabinets easily. They put their spices on those so they can just spin to the ones they need - the most used ones are on the edges all the time. The less used things are kept in the middle.

  5. Love the potatoes! I actually bought a plate rack at Pier 1 ages ago - it has two levels and is about 3 inches deep - I screwed it on the wall in my kitchen - all the spices face out so I can quickly get what I need.

    Boo on shots - hope he doesn't cry too much!

  6. I'm getting ready to clean out my closet! It's quite an undertaking so I have to psych myself up for it. Love these taters!

  7. Oh these look so good! Love potatoes! And spring cleaning is pretty fun too... ;)

  8. I am always 3 seasons behind. Will have to do my fall cleaning any day now....

  9. I am always 3 seasons behind. Will have to do my fall cleaning any day now....