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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ultimate Summer Sandwich

No, I am not talking about a burger (although, that is pretty great too).

It's the BLT. Perfect summer sandwich in my opinion. I don't eat them in the winter, and I'm not sure why, just seems like a summer thing? Kind of how I don't eat chili in the summer, only winter.

Certain foods have certain seasons you know...

Yes, BLT's are one of my favorite sandwiches, but I have to eat them alone. The husband doesn't feel like there is enough substance on them to qualify for a "sandwich". Whatever.

We had fresh garden tomatoes and crisp lettuce, along with some bacon I picked up, so it was definitely BLT time at our house this weekend.

Other variations to your BLT:
  • Add homemade guacamole to your sandwich for an even better taste, trust me it's good.

  • Use fresh basil, instead of lettuce.

  • Add garlic and other seasonings to your mayo, for a change-up.

  • Use turkey bacon for a healthier version.

Here is mine all ready to be devoured. This looks so good, I just might have another for lunch later today.

Here's a weird fact - even though I love BLT's I rarely order them out, because it seems like the toast is always cold by the time my plate gets to the table. I like warm toast!
Is there anything you eat at home, but never order at a restaurant?

Would you like to comment?

  1. grilled cheese. I feel I make the best grilled cheese EVER but i will not pay someone else to make it .. simply because my version is so good! especially when you add bacon to it =)

  2. Meatloaf. I make the best meatloaf and everytime I tried it in a restaurant, I was let down. Now I just eat mine. :)

  3. I agree with Melissa, I have never ordered meatloaf in a restaurant. I also would never order oatmeal in a restaurant.

    I don't think I have ever had a BLT - can you believe it!!!?

  4. I havent had a BLT in forever! Im working on catching up on all of your posts, but it looks like youve had a pretty good summer!

  5. I agree with Jenna, I love grilled cheese at home but I never order it at a restaurant. Another sandwich I love at home ,but am not even sure if I could order it at a restaurant. That is an egg sandwich. Scamble the egg and then put mayo on the bread. Better yet add cheese and grill it like a grilled cheese sandwich.

  6. My husband loves BLT's, but I don't like sliced tomatoes so never think to make them for him - I will this weekend though! :D

  7. Guess who one my CSN giveaway. It was you! Contact me at sporadiccook@gmail.com :)

  8. Hey Ally, I miss your daily posts! :-)

  9. I almost never order chicken in restaurant, but I do eat it at home :)

    And I LOVE a good sandwich!

  10. I almost never order chicken in restaurant, but I do eat it at home :)

    And I LOVE a good sandwich!

  11. Hey Ally, I miss your daily posts! :-)