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Sunday, January 1, 2012

DIY Sunday: Organizing Your Cookbooks & Recipes

Reading material I got for Christmas!

Happy New Year!

We've had quite the 2011 at our house - never a dull moment.  From the birth of our 2nd baby, our little miss in March, who brings us constant smiles, jabbers and drooling kisses, to a healthy and loving older brother who never misses a beat.

Not to mention both of us changing jobs and loving the results.  Like I said, we are grateful and blessed.  With that being said I do need to thank my blog readers.  Without you, this past year just wouldn't have been the same!

On to today's DIY Sunday project.  I thought I'd share my cookbook and recipe organization technique.  It works for me, and in case your cupboards are overflowing with cookbooks, recipe cut-outs from magazines along with hand-written recipes from years back, my technique just might get you organized too.

I counted my cookbooks today.  38.  I was actually thinking it would be more!  Here is how I keep them organized and not a nuisance.
  1. All cookbooks are stored in one cupboard, neatly lined, always in order.
  2. Any recipes we like, usually giving a 4 thumbs up sign or higher, get written down and placed in a recipe binder.  This gives me easy access when I'm needing to find them.
  3. Every few months I pull a few different cookbooks out for "display" in my kitchen.  It helps me in trying new recipes and giving the kitchen a different look.  I have one shelf on the wall holding a few and one book holder on my counter always holding one.
  4. If I have a cookbook that somehow was given to me or I picked up somewhere that never gets used, or the recipes don't appeal to me, I simply get rid of it.  No sense in taking up space.  I'll donate to the Salvation Army, Goodwill or give to a friend.

So, the question of the day.  Are your cookbooks organized or just taking up space?

Would you like to comment?

  1. Jolene (Everydayfoodie)January 1, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    My cookbooks are in a cupboard, but they can't all fit, so I have others in a box and some in a drawer in a filing cabinet. I have too many recipes and not enough room!

  2. I really need to work on something like this. My cookbooks are here, there and everywhere!!!

  3. Most of the time, just taking up space! I love the idea of writing down & organizing the ones we like the most. Putting that on my gotta do it list! Now, finding the time to tackle it will be my challenge. I do have all my cookbooks in one cupboard at least (1 point for me). But, I also like the idea of picking one a month to set out & use! Thanks!

  4. I have mine in a cupboard as well, pretty organized for the most part. I like the idea of having a few on display at a time, I might give that a try! My problem is all the Taste of Home magazines I have, I love to get them out from time to time and look for new recipes to try but I have so many, maybe I need to try your binder suggestion and start recording our favs and just get rid of the magazines all together :)

  5. I've gotten rid of so many cookbooks that rarely got used as I don't have much space for storage right now. I have a binder that I keep lots of them in. But, I need to go through it and discard recipes that I never make. I like your idea of rotating them out.

  6. Not long ago, my granddaughter told me that when I die, she wants my recipes.... ALL of them. That made me very happy! So, I dejunked my cookbook shelf - getting rid of the ones I don't use and never will, and I carefully transferred recipes that I use a lot and some heirlooms onto the larger index cards, put them in plastic sleeves and into a nice metal card box. I put a note on the box that says it and all of my cookbooks should be given to the granddaughter after my husband and I are gone. Amongst my cookbooks are three 3-ring binders. One is labeled "cheese" - because I make cheese. The next is labled "GNOWFGLINS" and that has my WAPF friendly recipes. The last one is just "recipes" and contains those that I've collected and love over the years. Each recipe is in a page protector. At least THAT part of my junk is organized!

  7. This is a great idea. When my grandmother passed away, my mom and aunts let me take her cookbooks. It's so nice to look through them, even if I don't use them that much. She wrote notes in them, so I can see her handwriting. And, it brings back happy memories.