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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mike's Hard Lemonade Boot Campaign

I am working in cooperation with Mike's Hard Lemonade this summer.  Although being compensated, all opinions are my own.

mike's hard lemonade boot campaign (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

My dad is a Veteran of the Vietnam War.  He served our country from 1969-1970, well before I was even a twinkle in my parent's eye.  With three brothers in his family, he was the first one drafted in his family, back when they drafted by county.  His brother was later drafted as well, but since he was picked first, it was him that had to serve.
My dad was newly married, fresh out of college and now headed to war.  In a very foreign place.  Mind you he grew up in rural Iowa on a farm.  Although he played college football and had a small taste of city life, the world was still a very big place to him.  He headed to Oklahoma for basic training, my mom in tow, in what my mom refers to as the “cockroach house”.  It was there they started their life before the war.
He left for Vietnam in early 1969.  My mom was seven month's pregnant with my older sister.
He did not come back for her birth {I'm thinking that wasn't an option back then} and didn't meet her until she was 9 months old.  My mom lived with her parents during this time, seeking all the family help she could, doing the best she could not having her partner near her side.
My mom often tells the story of heading to the airport the night my dad’s troop returned, at midnight nonetheless, with her 9-month old daughter in her arms.  My sister screamed bloody murder when my dad picked her up.  Could you imagine?  Meeting your daughter for the first time at 9-months old?  As my mom recalls, my sister was rarely around many men, only to have my 6'4'' dad walk over and suddenly be near her daily.  It was an adjustment for all of them.
mike's hard lemonade boot campaign (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

My parent's then got on with their life.  They both took teaching jobs {my dad – coaching football, teaching Physical Education and later becoming a Middle School Principal and my mom a Speech Pathologist both in the same school district}.  As my dad has said, “I wasn't worried about my life everyday back home, I was just grateful to be back alive.”
He said his two biggest worries in Vietnam were the weather {so, very, very hot and humid} and the unknown of what would happen on a day to day basis.  Which I believe is much of the same worry with our military today.  Although, war is different now, it is still the unknown.
He has rarely, if ever, talked about his experiences over there, and from what I've heard only recently, so many years later, has he opened up about a few things that he had endured.  I'm fairly certain he saw more than a young man should ever have to see or do.
I am sharing a bit of my dad's story today, as coincidentally I was contacted by Mike's Hard Lemonade a few weeks back asking if I'd like to participate in a few of their “missions” this summer.  After speaking with them, I knew this program fit well with me.
Mike's has recently teamed up with the Boot Campaign, an organization dedicated to promoting patriotism for America and our military community while raising awareness of the challenges military members face DURING and AFTER service.
mike's hard lemonade boot campaign (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

This summer they have introduced their new Flavors of America variety pack, which features four incredibly refreshing flavors of summer – Lemonade, Peach, Black Cherry and Apple, all being flavors that are iconic to the different regions of our country.  Just like their fans love kicking back with a cold bottle of mike's, they also love kicking back for a good cause.  Sales of these flavor packs are helping to support their $125K donation to the Boot Campaign this year.  For each case purchased, Mike's will donate 25 cents to fund four once-in-a-lifetime experiences for veterans.  So far, they've treated veterans to backstage concerts, VIP suites at races, all-access experiences at Nashville's CMA Fest and much more.
What veteran, young or old, doesn't deserve a chance like this?
Whether many, many years ago like my dad, or freshly home from a tour, each Veteran deserves the chance and opportunity to unwind.
I took this new variety pack to my family reunion this past weekend.  And yes, I had my dad stand, sit and pose with me and this kick-back, refreshing, summer cocktail.  He was a very good sport.
And then he promptly asked for one.
He has not lost his sense of humor!

A big thanks to Mike's Hard Lemonade for this opportunity to tell my Dad's story and for being a company that understands the importance of supporting our Veterans.  For more information please visit the Boot Campaign and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

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