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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Christmas Monster Cookie Bars

The holiday bar you didn't know you needed this season!
My Christmas Monster Cookie Bars are perfect for parties and family gatherings.

Collage of hand holding monster cookie bars by bowl of holiday M&M's

Anyone sometimes prefer a bar over a cookie?

I often do. As the baker for sure - less work! Press all the dough into one pan and bake. No need to watch the oven and stand around transferring cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack.

Plus, if you love "middle pieces" you get a lot of them in a big pan of bars.

My new Christmas Monster Cookie Bars are for the people who aren't big baking fans, yet still love the end result. If that is you, make these for the holidays!

Monster cookie bars plated by a bowl of holiday M&M's

This time of year is all about holiday potlucks, kid's music concerts {we have THREE this month.....}, white elephant parties, gift exchanges and so much more. And do you know what is usually required of all those gatherings?


It's the time of year when we all indulge in our inner sweet tooth.

We regret it come the first week of January, but for now we indulge and enjoy it and try and embrace the busy Christmas season.

Close up shot of monster cookie bars piled on top of each other

There are SO MANY reasons I love these Christmas Monster Cookie Bars, but the number one reason is that they require no flour. You heard it! They are naturally gluten free without trying. Not that I'm a flour hater, but it's nice to not have to get it out and levelly measure it out when baking this bar.

It's a simple mix, combine and press into the pan type of dessert. The best kind!

They are soft and chewy, but still sturdy. And if you manage to grab an edge or side piece you'll get a firm and slightly crispy texture.

Jelly roll pan of monster cookie bars next to bowl of holiday M&M's

Dang! Aren't these pretty?

I hold back a few of the red and green M&M's, white chocolate chips and holiday sprinkles so that I can stick extra on top right before baking.

Because well, we all love extra sweetness and it makes the bars look extra special. These bars feed a crowd and I can promise you they will be the first item grabbed at the dessert table.

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