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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Drunken Cranberry & Jalapeno Meatballs

The perfect party appetizer is here!
My Drunken Cranberry & Jalapeno Meatballs are festive and fun.

Thank you to Fareway Meat & Grocery for kindly sponsoring this post. 
All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Collage of party meatballs on a plate and in a cast iron skillet.

A great appetizer makes a great party!

At least that is my thought. Good finger foods make gatherings fun, right? I have a festive one for you today.

I recently partnered with the one and only grocery store that I've known my ENTIRE life, Fareway Stores. I grew up in a town of around 6,000 people and we had one grocery store that served us all. So needless to say I've been cruising the aisles of Fareway Stores since I was a wee babe sitting in the cart with my Mom.

Fareway Stores and I came up with this awesome holiday {and really any time of the year} appetizer, my Drunken Cranberry & Jalapeno Meatballs.

Hand holding a toothpick with meatball

I chronicled my full shopping trip to Fareway Stores over on my Instagram account, as well as me cooking these tasty meatballs in my kitchen. A little behind the scenes action! Be sure to watch it HERE.

What I've loved about Fareway Stores for so long are two things. 1) their service and 2) their well known meat counter.

If you've never been I suggest you go. Their staff are top notch, always ready and waiting to help and their full service meat counter {where it's like stepping back in time} hand package your goods each and every time.

Grocery cart with meatball ingredients

Here are the easy and simple ingredients for these meatballs!

My kids exclaimed "these are the best meatballs you've ever made Mom" after eating them for breakfast. Yes, for breakfast.

I've made a LOT of meatballs in my day, so for them to say this it means something. I love that they are combined with both sweet and savory items like cranberry sauce, jalapeno pepper jelly, garlic, chili sauce, breadcrumbs, brown sugar and seasonings. I used both ground pork and ground beef in this recipe to keep them light and flavorful.

After rolling out and getting a quick bake in the oven, you then transfer them to a skillet to simmer in the sweet sauce to finish cooking. 

Plated meatballs with toothpicks next to a skillet

Don't they look saucy and just incredible?

Honestly, the longer they simmer in the sauce I feel like the better they get! Keep them on low on the stove and people can graze on by with a toothpick for easy eating.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on these! Take a photo when you serve them to guests or your family. I'd love to see your version.

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