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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Iowa Cheesesteaks

Nope, it's not a traditional cheesesteak....right here is the Iowa version!
Collage of plated cheesesteak on white dinner plate.
Earlier this year I was contacted by Blackstone {yes, that very famous flat top griddle company that everyone loves}. They were starting a fun adventure of finding each state's own unique cheesesteak. And well, that sounded like fun!

They contacted me, on behalf of the state of Iowa, to make and create an Iowa cheesesteak. One that is not like the traditional version found in Philly - but one that represented all of what Iowa has to offer.

I immediately jumped on board and started brainstorming. I even reached out to my fans on Instagram and asked them what they would put on an Iowa Cheesesteak and received a tons of great ideas. In the end I settled on combining a few of Iowa's favorite tastes.

Maid-rites. Ranch Dressing. Sweet Corn.

Stay with me here....it actually works!

Hand holding a cheesesteak, with bite taken out.

After this fun project was completed Blackstone put together a FREE e-cookbook for all of you! Each state is represented and what fun it is to browse through. 

You can download it for free HERE.

It's called "Free the Cheesesteak" and all in good humor - it's a take on people often saying "that's not a traditional cheesesteak"! Well, they are correct, this Iowa version is not traditional, but it is most certainly fun and tasty.

Close up photo of cheesesteak on a white dinner plate.

Now, I'm sure you are thinking....how does this all come together?

First off, if you are not familiar with a traditional Iowa Maid-rite ground beef base, you can view my recipe HERE. It's basically ground beef cooked with onion, beef stock, worcestershire sauce and soy sauce, plus a little ketchup and mustard and eaten as a loose meat sandwich.

In addition to the maid-rite meat I wanted to include two other Iowa favorites - sweet corn and ranch dressing. Neither of which seem like they go together, right?

Oh, but they do!

Bite taken out of the hoagie cheesesteak on a white dinner plate.

As most know, sweet corn is a delicacy here in the Midwest. from July-September we are eating it at most meals - it's just so darn good. And we have it in abundance.

As for ranch dressing - it seems we also put that on most everything - sandwiches, the obvious salad, but also as a dipper for pizza, chicken and the like. What can I say, we love our ranch!

I knew I wanted to put all of these items together, but honestly I had no idea if it would work. After the first bite I knew I had nothing to worry about.


Toasted hoagie bun with Iowa Cheesesteak on a white dinner plate.

The combination of a toasted butter hoagie + maid-rite ground beef + melted provolone cheese + a yummy ranch dressing and the final POP of sweet corn, this sandwich will take you places you didn't imagine visiting.

So many flavors in one bite!

This recipe makes six cheesesteaks - enough to feed the family or a small crowd. Surprise them with this fun meal!

Collage of Iowa Cheesesteak photos on a dinner plate.

I cannot wait to see you guys make my Iowa Cheesesteaks!

A big thank you to Blackstone for letting me participate in this fun adventure. Getting creative in the kitchen is always fun for me.

When you give these a try I'd love a star rating below on the recipe card. People will need to see how and why you loved these {as it is unique!}. Please enjoy and share the fun with your friends too. 

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