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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Sheet Pan Cinnamon Roll Cake

Ever want a cinnamon roll without all the fuss?
If so, this Sheet Pan Cinnamon Roll Cake is for you!

Cinnamon Roll Cake on a white plate and pink towel.

You guys.

I packed up two slices of this Sheet Pan Cinnamon Roll Cake this morning so my 7 year old daughter could take it to her 2nd grade teacher.

It's that good.

I texted her teacher later and said, "she insisted (and by golly she did) that she bring you dessert today! I don't even know if you like sweets, buy enjoy!". She is the sweetest of sweetest of teachers and immediately texted back, "I LOVE IT!".

So all was well. And this cake is delicious.

Close up shot of fork and cake on a white plate.

Here's the thing, my family loves cinnamon rolls. Really, who doesn't? But, you generally need to block off some time to make the dough, then bake them, then frost them, and while it is 100% worth the effort it doesn't always work with a busy schedule.

So enter in this SHEET CAKE version.

They taste just like a regular cinnamon roll but without all the fuss {or yeast}, because guess what? The base of these is a boxed white cake mix!

Genius really. It could not be simpler.

Close up shot of fork holding a bite of cinnamon roll cake above a white plate.

This cake mixes together quick and bakes in just 16 minutes. After letting it cool for about 10 minutes {it will still be slightly warm} you spread on a thing glaze of icing. That icing seeps down into all the nooks and crannies with ease and makes for a delicious bite.

And that cinnamon swirl?


I cannot express enough just how much this cake tastes like the best bite of an actual cinnamon roll. You know what the "best bite" is right? It's that center bite we all leave for last. The ooey, gooey, soft center.

Side shot of sheet pan cinnamon roll cake.

You'll be tempted to think, "is there enough icing?" Because I did. It seeps in that well. But after you take the first bite you'll realize you don't need more icing. It's the perfect amount.

This cake is PERFECT for a holiday breakfast or brunch {Easter, Wedding or Baby Shower, Christmas}, but it's also great just to make on it's own! Surprise your family with it soon.

It feeds a crowd, but the slices will go quickly. 

Collage of cinnamon roll cake on a white plate.

I cannot wait to see your reviews!

If you get the chance to make this cake, I'd love to hear about it. Simply click on the yellow stars below on the printable recipe card and leave a quick review.

Now....who is going to make this first?

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