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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Cake Batter Golden Oreo Cookies

Here's a fun new cookie recipe!
Grab a cake mix & some Golden Oreos and you're set.

Plate of cookies on a white plate, hand holding a cookie.

It's cookie time!

And this one is FUN. If you have kids watch out - it will become a new favorite in the house. From the cake batter sprinkles to the crushed up Oreos, there is nothing in this cookie batter that will turn them away.

This recipe makes two dozen easy peasy cookies that will make your family jump for joy.

Background stainless steel bowl with a cookie scoop of cookie dough

Do you ever refrigerate your cookie dough before baking?

If not, I highly recommend it. Chilling the dough helps to control the spread of them when baking. Getting that dough cold helps to solidify the fat {butter} in the dough, therefore the butter takes longer to melt, therefore not allowing the cookie to spread out as much!

How's that for a fun fact?

I've found a good hour helps with this, a few hours even better and overnight perfect!

Cookies on a wire cooling rack and white plate of cookies nearby

You know me and cake mixes - I love using them as a shortcut in a recipe and this one is no exception. Remember my chocolate chip cake mix cookies? And more recently my Sheet Pan Cinnamon Roll Cake? Or my super fun Strawberry Upside Down Cake?

All three of these recipes have a cake mix base!

Hey, I've never claimed to be super gourmet when it comes to cooking. Rather, I'd prefer to make it easy for you guys while still giving you delicious recipes.

Hand holding a cookie with a bite taken out

Look at that chewy bite!

Try not to overbake these - they are perfect just slightly golden on the edges with a soft center. They will harden up a bit as they cool. When you bite into them they'll have a bit of a crunch on the edges with a chewy center.

If you are lucky you'll get a white chocolate chip and the crunch of a golden Oreo in that bite too! And because I know you'll ask - Golden Oreos are found right next to the regular chocolate Oreos. Trust me, all stores have them!

Collage of cookies on a white plate, hand holding a single cookie

Who is ready to bake these up?

I cannot wait to hear how you like them. My hope is that they will become a new family favorite! Best part? You only use half of the dry cake mix, so go ahead and wrap up the extra and make another batch once the first batch is gone.

If you make these and want to leave a star rating review below on the recipe card I'd be forever grateful!

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