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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Grilled Meatball Pizza

Hands down one of the best grilled pizzas you'll eat!
Everything you love about Italian meatballs on a pizza - but cooked on the grill.

Collage of meatball pizza ingredients; cheese, crust, Simek's meatballs, sauce, basil, Parm + plus the finished pizza.

I'm continuing to partner with Simek's (the BEST frozen meatball company around) on some social media posts - but as always I love to showcase whatever recipe I develop for them here on the blog too. They are just too good not to share.

We are in PRIME grilling season, so why not grill up a pizza?

Have you ever grilled a pizza before? It's pretty easy using a store bought crust (they hold up well) and the grill gives the pizza an incredible smoky flavor.

Ingredients for grilled meatball pizza on a cutting board - freshly sliced mozzarella, basil, marinara, meatballs and Parmesan.

The ingredients for this pizza are SIMPLE.

You know me, I'm not much for complicated. Everything you'd adore on a meatball sub is on this pizza. Freshly sliced mozzarella (key ingredient - it's so creamy), freshly chopped basil. Simek's Italian style meatballs, grated Parmesan, marinara sauce and pizza crust.

That's it!

I love purchasing store bought crusts for pizzas on the grill. You can find some really nice ones (I often buy the 4 pack from Costco or the 3 pack from ALDI). They are sturdy enough to withstand the grill, yet still tasty with a crispy outside crust and a chewy middle. Find whatever brand you enjoy.

Meatball Pizza on the Big Green Egg grill.

Look at the beauty freshly placed on the grill!

In this order layer: marinara sauce, sliced mozzarella cheese, meatballs sliced in half face down and  Parmesan cheese. I preheated my grill to 400 degrees (which is hot enough to cook the pizza quickly, yet will not burn it) and then cooked my pizza for around 20 minutes give or take. Just check on it periodically to make sure all is well.

When you take it off, let it rest for a few minutes - it will be hot! Then sprinkle with the freshly torn basil leaves and serve warm.

Close up shot of finished Grilled Meatball Pizza cut into slices.

I made this for lunch - and my kids devoured it. Naturally, it's pizza and they love any pizza - but they really, really loved this one!

The crust gets crispy, the fresh mozzarella melts beautifully and you get a small bite of meatball in every bite.

Simek's meatballs are great to have on hand in your freezer. I like to keep a couple bags on hand for quick and easy dinners. During my partnership with them I've made two great recipes - the ever popular Meatball Stuffed Shells and the fun Meatball Sub Skewers.

Both family approved.

Collage of grilled meatball pizza ingredients and finished pizza.

I cannot wait to see your take on this grilled pizza!

It would be great to serve up for your traditional Friday night pizza party or invite some friends over for cocktails and fire up the grill!

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