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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Meatball Stuffed Shells

This baked pasta dish has all your favorites - meatballs, pasta and sauce!
Kids absolutely LOVE this one.

Collage of plated meatball stuffed shells

I partnered with Simek's (the best store bought meatballs!) for several social media posts about this recipe and I kindly asked them....can I share it on my blog too? Because this recipe is too good not too!

They said yes, of course!

As you know I have a tried and true homemade Italian meatball recipe, but like most Moms I'm busy and sometimes I need a shortcut. I absolutely love Simek's. Here is a store locator to see where they can be found close to you. Grab a bag or two!

When I approached them about this fun recipe, I honestly hoped they loved the idea as much as me - because I was certain my kids would adore it. What kid doesn't love pasta and meatballs? And this recipe incorporates both in fun ways.

Red bag of Simek's meatballs on a white plate next to a baking dish of stuffed shells.

My other stuffed shell recipe (Chicken & Spinach Stuffed Shells) has been extremely popular over the years so when I came up with the idea of this one using store bought quality meatballs I thought to myself - I hope this one goes over well too!

Because there are so many times when us Moms need some convenience.

This dish is easy to prepare - you can stuff the meatballs into the dish frozen straight out of the freezer! No need to thaw. They bake up nicely.

And this isn't just a meatball with sauce sitting in the shell - I came up with a quick "cheesy" base for them to sit on. A yummy combo of cottage cheese (can use ricotta cheese if that's more your thing), Parmesan cheese and spices.

Hand holding a stuffed shell with cheese and a meatball.

See that meatball all nestled and tucked in?

They fit perfectly.

Set a timer for 30 minutes and get this dish prepped and ready for a busy week ahead. That is what I usually do. I always thank myself later. That 30 minutes of prep saves my sanity when later we are rushing home and all I need to do is grab the pan and stick it in the oven.

It gives the kids time to shower from practices and for me to get the house in order a bit for the next day while it's baking.

Angled top view of baked dish of meatball stuffed shells.

These stuffed beauties come out bubbly and hot. Anytime I do a baked pasta dish I serve it with garlic bread and a side salad. Always. Why mess with greatness?

If you are looking for some new side salads to share with your family, here are a few of our favorites from over the years.

Collage of meatball stuffed shells using Simek's Italian meatballs.

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