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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Cranberry Egg Nog Muffins

These decadent Cranberry Egg Nog Muffins are perfect for the holiday season.
Fluffy and slightly sweet they pair ideally with a warm cup of coffee.

A collage of cranberry egg nog muffins on a white plate with butter.

This recipe for Cranberry Egg Nog Muffins comes courtesy of AE Dairy. I recently reshot these photos for them and my family inhaled them in one sitting.

All twelve of them!

Their creamy, original egg nog gives them a rich, deep flavor and the added crunch of chopped pecans and diced cranberries makes the most sweet treat for breakfast.

A cranberry egg nog muffin sliced in half with butter on a marble slate with AE Dairy egg nog.

Once November hits we have egg nog in our fridge 24/7 - both of my girls LOVE it. It's often a breakfast treat to go along with their eggs and toast.

But sometimes there is a bit left in the carton and like these muffins, I like to put it into baked goods. My Egg Nog Cookies are fun for Christmas cookie trays and sometimes my kids will request it in pancakes (just use it in replace of the milk in the batter). 

Both are fun and great ways to use it up.

Hand holding half of an cranberry egg nog muffin with butter.

Can I use fresh cranberries in these muffins?

You most certainly could! I would suggest cooking them down a bit (with a bit of sugar in water, brought to a boil) - that way they would soften some, release some of the tartness and fold well into the muffin batter.

But dried cranberries are just fine and create the most delectable sweet bite.

A white muffin tin of cranberry egg nog muffins with cranberries, pine cones and pecans scattered around.

Go ahead and get these on your holiday breakfast menu, they are the best brunch side treat! Perfect with egg casseroles (here is our favorite) and a hot cup of cocoa or coffee.

If you'd like to see more recipes using Egg Nog be sure to browse this collection from AE Dairy. Everything from cake to bread pudding to even fondue!

A collage of cranberry egg nog muffin photos; in a muffin tray and spread with butter.

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