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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Cheesy Ranch Ritz Crackers

I am so in love with this simple snack! Grab some Ritz Bits Cheese crackers and make this tasty snack mix for your next party.

A collage of Ritz cheese bitz crackers in a box, plus in a white bowl on a red towel.

I'm taking these Cheesy Ranch Ritz Crackers to our family Christmas! Every holiday gathering needs a salty snack to munch on while mingling with family and friends. And trust me when I say this one is addicting! You will not be able to keep your hands out of it.

And may I mention this snack doesn't even require an oven?

A hand holding a box of Ritz bitz cheese crackers.

Go grab THREE 8.8 oz boxes of these Ritz Bits Cheese filled crackers from the grocery store and 3/4 of your work is already done.

Only two other main ingredients needed (oil and a ranch seasoning packet) + a few other seasonings you'll find in your spice cupboard and consider this appetizer pretty much done!

I am currently hiding these in my laundry room so no one sees or smells them....they would be gone before I even brought them to Christmas.

Mini ritz cheese crackers in a Ziploc bag next to a red towel.

One other thing that makes this recipe EASY. Make sure you have a gallon size Ziploc bag (or larger) as this is what you will pour the oil and seasonings into - giving those little Ritz bits a shake to coat. If your kids are around give them this job!

The trick to getting them coated evenly is to rotate the Ziploc every 5 minutes or so, giving it a shake and just letting them hang out. 

The longer they soak the better!

A white bowl full of cheesy ranch ritz mini crackers on a red towel.

Look at these little cuties!

The combo of a cheesy middle, robust Ranch seasonings and a buttery cracker make the most delicious snack.

Let me know if you make these! Great for any party. Your guests will devour them.

A collage of photos of cheesy Ritz bit mini crackers.

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