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Friday, December 15, 2023

Raspberry Thumbprints

A fun holiday cookie that is simple to make and looks pretty on a plate!
These Raspberry Thumbprints will quickly become a favorite.

Hand holding a raspberry thumbprint with others sitting on a blue rimmed white plate in the background.

I've been making these raspberry thumbprints for years during the holiday season, but recently gave them an update!

In the past I've drizzled them with melted chocolate or sprinkled them with powdered sugar and both options are great - but this time I kept them plain and simple. Trust me when I say this melt in your mouth cookie will quickly become a holiday favorite.

And yes I said melt in your mouth, because that is exactly what they do!

Raspberry Thumbprint dough on a baking sheet with a hole placed in the middle.

With just 6 ingredients in the dough - anyone can make it! Personally I feel the almond extract MAKES these, but for those that don't like almond extract (not sure how, but I get messages like this....) you can sub out vanilla extract in it's place.

And naturally, any jam can be placed in the middle - blueberry, strawberry, even peach. Raspberry is just a traditional "thumbprint" jam and it's super delicious.

Hand holding a raspberry thumbprint with a bite taken out, with more cookies on a plate in the background.

I promise you if you bring these to your holiday gatherings they will be gobbled up! Plus, they look really pretty on any cookie platter.

Secondly, they will ask for the recipe.

Prepare yourself and bring a few print outs with you just in case. Enjoy!

Collage of raspberry thumbprint cookies on a blue rimmed white plate on a plaid napkin.

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