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Thursday, May 12, 2022

10 Lazy Dinners for Summer (all 6 ingredients or less!)

The temps are warming up!
Time for easy dinners without much fuss. Here are 10 of my favorites with very short ingredient lists.

Collage of four food dishes for a lazy Summer.

I hear your cries for easy dinners.

I hear ya.

Because guess what? I often cry for them myself. So I went and dig some digging in my archives. Oh my archives of recipes. How many do I have? Thousands. Honestly I have a rolling rolodex of them in my brain, but sometimes I forget some long lost ones, so it was fun to go scrolling back and seeing just which ones would fit into the category of "10 Lazy Dinners for Summer".

I found 10 great ones!

All of them have six or less ingredients. I mean, even I didn't think that was possible! So trust me when I say these recipes are EASY and fuss free. Go ahead and print these recipes off and tuck them away for Summer. Throw one or two on rotation each week and I promise it will help with your busy {hot!} Summer!

Everyone loves this grilled dish because it is a true steak and potato dinner! What's not to love? Melted butter and A-1 steak sauce are brushed liberally over the kabobs and give them incredible flavor. An easy weeknight dinner or fancy enough when serving a crowd.

Steak and Potato Kabobs

This dish is going bonkers over on my Instagram page {it's May's recipe contest feature}. Families love it because with just six ingredients it comes together quickly. It's basically like a shortcut lasagna. Much less work, yet still so much flavor.

Cheesy Sausage Tortellini Bake

My oldest loves taquitos. To him, a great snack are a few taquitos air fried after school. Boys will be boys! Needless to say I'm always buying the frozen varieties, but one night I jazzed them up and turned them into a FULL dinner {just like you have at a Mexican restaurant}. Frozen taquitos, green enchilada sauce, and crumbly queso fresco cheese. Layer up and bake till bubbly. That's it!

3 Ingredient Chicken Taquito Bake

This unique burger is SO MUCH FUN. You cut out a center of the burger before cooking and after flipping crack an egg in the center. Trust me, it's delicious. Sometimes I even put jam on the bun to make it EXTRA. They are so darn good. With just a few ingredients it's an easy dinner.

Egg in the Hole Cast Iron Skillet Burgers

This recipe has been around for years and is always the one people tell me about when I run into them in public. I don't think people realize they can make a delicious pulled pork without a fancy smoker. The crockpot does all the work. At just four ingredients it could not be simpler. We often like to put the leftovers on pizza!

Best Ever Pulled Pork Sandwiches

If you are a buffalo chicken fan, you'll absolutely adore these enchiladas. It's a fun twist on Mexican night! Now bean counters, don't come at me when you see this dish {with a couple spices} is more than six ingredients. I don't count salt, pepper, etc. You shouldn't either! Cheesy and fun, these enchiladas can be prepped ahead and baked off any time during the week.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas

I could eat this pizza once a week all Summer long. It has all the flavors of a classic caprese salad but on pizza! Since you use a store bought pizza crust, it could not be more easy to assemble. Grab some fresh tomatoes and basil - you will not be disappointed.

Margarita Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle

Everyone always asks for different ways to jazz up chicken - I always recommend this one! Hawaiian flavors without much work. Chopped pineapple, ham, tomato sauce and cheese top chicken breasts and are baked together for a yummy weeknight dinner. Easy to prep a day ahead too!

Oven Baked Hawaiian Chicken

Here is one that kids love! Anything portable and bite-sized is fun for them. Store bought biscuits form the cup and all your favorite lasagna ingredients go in the middle before baked. They bubble up and are fun for the whole family. Leftovers reheat up brilliantly in the air fryer too.

Baked Lasagna Cups

For years I made these in my Instagram story highlights and people asked, "when are you going to put them on your blog"? Well I finally did! It is the easiest beef enchilada recipe you'll ever make. Hands down. Just six ingredients total. They can be prepped ahead or even frozen for up to 3 months. A great meal when time is short!

Creamy Beef Burritos

There ya have it folks! 10 Lazy Dinners for Summer all with six ingredients or less. It cannot get easier than that {try and show me}. I'd love for you to browse each and print off the recipes. I truly hope they will help you get through your busy Summer! 

As always, thank you for visiting my blog as it helps support my family.

Each of you are treasured and adored!

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