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Thursday, August 10, 2023

20 Easy 9x13 Desserts for a Crowd

When baking desserts for a crowd, it's always fun to knock their socks off. A big pan of sweets to keep them happy! Here are 20 of my favorite 9x13 desserts to feed a crowd.

Collage of 9x13 pan dessert bars

I've always loved baking.

Not the cake or cookie decorating type of baking where there is pressure for it to look perfect, but rather the good home cooking baking where even if the pan looks ugly it still tastes great and keeps everyone happy.

If we are invited to a party and the general consensus is to bring a "dish to share", more often than not I'll be bringing a dessert. Most likely I'll have most of the ingredients on hand and it's always easy to whip up right before the party.

Today I want to share my 20 favorite 9x13 desserts to feed a crowd! All of these are MY recipes. Some very old and trusted, some I've just unveiled this year. 

All delicious. Here we go!

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  1. They all sound good! Guess I might be the old lady trying the Zucchini Lemon first! Lol

  2. They all look so good! Can’t decide which one to try first!