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Thursday, March 28, 2024

18 Easter Brunch Recipes

The Easter holiday definitely centers around delicious food. Here you'll find the most amazing Easter brunch and breakfast items - both sweet and savory! 

Collage of Easter Brunch Recipes

The Easter holiday means so much for so many and whether you're religious or not I think we can all agree the food is AMAZING on this holiday.

Many families will eat a traditional dinner each year, many other families will change it up and combine both breakfast and lunch and eat brunch. I'd have to say that is often how my family did it growing up. Usually a nice, big hearty brunch after church around midday.

I have hand picked all my brunch favorites for you today! There is a little bit of everything here from an easy Easter ham to to savory egg dishes and biscuits to sweet cinnamon rolls and salads. Browse this list and pick out a couple to make!

Won't everyone be surprised when they bite into this muffin! Loaded with diced peaches and a tangy, sweet raspberry filling, they pair perfectly with savory eggs.

If you are serving ham or turkey for a heartier meal, this rice pilaf is a must make. Fresh Spring asparagus is the star of this dish.

Such a fun way to serve breakfast for the kids! They'll love these bunny shaped cinnamon rolls. They can even make them themselves.

Is it even Easter without deviled eggs? They are tradition in our family and this recipes takes it up a notch with diced dill pickles in the mix + a topping of crispy, salty bacon.

An Easter cinnamon roll with sprinkles on a white dinner plate.

This recipe is so fun because it's easier than a regular cinnamon roll! You use a white cake mix to amp up the base and add LOTS of pastel sprinkles to jazz them up for Spring.

I first unveiled this shortcut biscuit and gravy dish in 2016 because I wanted to feed a crowd biscuits and gravy but did not want to be standing over the stove stirring gravy. This one bakes up amazingly, everyone loves it.

This new one combines buttery croissants, chocolate milk and a streusel topping. It all gets baked together for a nice, sweet breakfast treat!

Plate of strawberry spinach salad with feta and hot bacon dressing.

This salad screams Spring! I also love how everything can be assembled and put in the fridge and then topped with the warm bacon dressing right before serving. Both sweet and savory it's always a hit.

This fun idea can be put together by the kids! Grab an array of your favorite Easter chocolates, candy, jelly beans, cookies and pastries and line them all up in a big tray. It travels well to your Easter celebration and looks so pretty!

How about an easy way to bake up your Easter ham? In a paper bag! Yes, it's an easy as it sounds. Easter ham is always delicious + it makes great leftovers (here are my favorite ham leftover options).

A slice of Swedish oven pancake with strawberries and powdered sugar on a white dinner plate.

This fluffy and light baked pancake is fun to make (the batter is made in the blender) and even more fun to eat! We like to top ours with fresh fruit, powdered sugar and a little drizzle of maple syrup.

This one may turn your potato lovers into cauliflower lovers! It's cheesy, creamy and topped with crispy bacon. A great side dish for Easter.

This easy "drop" biscuit bakes up quick - but the honey butter you top it with really steals the show here. These melt in your mouth.

A plate of egg quiches in puff pastry on a white dinner plate.

Nothing looks better on an Easter Brunch buffet than these little individual quiches! People can take one to try without having to grab a big serving.

My most popular muffin recipe needs to grace your Easter table. Its loaded with three berries and make very rich with sour cream in the batter. Tastes like it came straight from the bakery.

This Midwest delicacy is eaten by many at Easter. These sweet meatballs are a combination of ground ham and pork (you'll never guess what else goes in them). The glaze is sweet and so good!

A hand holding a slice of apple bread.

If you love a regular fried fritter, then take a chance on this bread! Sweet cinnamon coated apples are folded into a deep, rich batter. And don't forget the glaze.

Our favorite breakfast casserole for years. It has one secret ingredient that always makes people go, "huh?", but trust me on it. This one is great as it can be prepped the day ahead.

What a fun dessert! And shockingly a bit better for you than traditional cheesecake. This one is topped with fresh berries and looks so pretty on the table.

A collage of Easter Brunch Recipes

Isn't this such a fun list!

Browse it once or twice and pick out a few to feed your family for Easter. And remember if you serve BRUNCH it combines two meals into one!

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